TMI New Products
Daytime Running lights

60 LEDs White 6.5" Oval Daytime Running or Reverse Lights.

Sold in pairs
TMI 177 LED RED, Amber & White 3 pc Light Bar Kit.

White Light Bar With Low, Medium and High Modes
RED Rear Running Progressive Right Turn
59 LEDs in each section (3 sections)
TMI Bicycle or Motorcycle Wireless LED Lighting Packages.
White, Red and Amber are 100% street legal.
Blue and UV Purple are for accent, which helps you get noticed.
The Blue and Purple are Great Looking lights and WOW on lookers.
Cut your electic bills from 50-95%
LED & CFL/Compact Fluorescent Lighting
for Homes, Businesses and Vehicles

Super Bright Low Power Soft White Under Cabinet Lighting Kits.
No holes to drill, just peal and stick
Eight lights consumes only 10 watts of power.
These are not Cold Blue Looking White LEDs
Super Bright Low Power Led White and Amber
Exterior Home and business Lighting Kits Above.
Can operate on AC or DC 12 volts.
                              TMI lighting, your lighting source to help you cut your Home or Business 
                              energy consumption INSIDE or OUTSIDE from 50-95% 

                              The world now is fighting back to make changes happen!!!!
                              Time for the oil companies to Eat sand and Drink oil !




                 THE HOMES ABOVE ARE 100% LED LIGHTS

                                100% Super Bright Mini Colored Fluorescent Light Bulbs Seen Above
                                REDBlue, Green & Purple Colors Avaiable
                                6 Watt consumption  = 30 Watt of light output....

                                                 Small Fluorescent Bulb that fits into night light sockets.

                                          Patent Pending miniature size that fits inside enclosed fixtures
                                     11 Watts = 55 Watts, fit E12 Candelabra and Standard E26 sockets    
                                        SUPER BRIGHT
                                        125W = 625W Fluorescent Garage, Shop or Grow Light Bulb
                                        This Bulb Consumes ONLY 99 watts of power..........
                                        Fits standard  E26  ceiling sockets
                                        5000K Color (Pure Clean White)
                                        Not blue looking or dirty yellow looking

                                                  Looks Great in all type of hanging light fixtures


                   See the  Difference of Pure White © Light


            See the Real colors of your home and furnishings.



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