LED Street Lights

Project Name: Heritage Village Street Lights

Application:  LED Street Lighting, LED Roadway Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting, Parking Lot, Commuter Lot Parking Lighting

Products Installed: 151 pieces of 70W HPS (95W) Street Light fixtures were replaced with 30W LED cobraheads.  The result is excellent.


  • Reduced Energy Consumption by 42,872 kw-hrs/year, a 68% Reduction vs the 70 HPS fixtures (95W)
  • Energy Savings of $6,431 per year
  • Relamping Savings of $1,891 per year
  • Total Payback on Investment in < 3.5 years
  • Total Energy Savings over 50,000 hours life is $133,358

“The newly installed USA LED 30W LED cobrahead street lights provide substan@ally higher visual acuity compared to the prior 70W HPS. The lights are brighter white and reduce the energy usage by 68%. Our maintenance staff is excited to know they will operate maintenance free for the next 16 years”

Kevin Hellreigel, Village Manager 

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