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Project Name: Middlebury Public Library

Application:  All LED Public Library for all applications such as LED Shelf Lighting for Books, LED Study Room Lighting, LED Spot Lighting for Artwork, LED Office Lighting, Lounging Areas

Products Installed: LED Tube Lights, LED Recessed Lights, LED Spot Lights, and LED Parking Lot Lights


  • Reduced Energy Consumption by 32,005 kw-hrs/year, a 51% Reduction vs conventional lighting
  • Energy Savings of $5,121 per year
  • Relamping Savings of $495 per year
  • Total Energy Savings over 50,000 hours life is $102,420

“The energy efficient LED ligh2ng installed in the newly renovated Middlebury library is fantas2c. The illumina2on quality is bright and invi2ng. Visitors experience a comfortable environment with non-­‐flickering lights for easy reading. The library will further enjoy substan2al electrical savings at over 51% and maintenance free opera2on for well over 10 years”

Scott Schaake, USALED

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