Project Name: Nardelli’s Restaurant – Southbury

Application: Restaurant & Deli

Products Installed:

  • 41 pieces 17W 4ft T8 LED tube light replacing 32W flourescent tube and 25W ballast
  • 1 piece 9W A19 Bulb replacing 60W incandescent bulb for the freezer
  • 1 piece 9W PAR30 Bulb replacing 65W incandescent recessed bulb


  • Reduced Energy consumption by 4,119 kw-hrs/year
  • Energy Savings of $743/year
  • Relamping savings of $235
  • Investment Payback in 3.6 years
  • Total Savings over 50,000 hours is $10,953


“After the first 8 months operating our new deli, we had to replace 6 florescent ballasts. Our restaurant was not sufficiently lit during those weeks of down time scheduling the electrician to replace the spent ballast. We also found the ballasts emitted a nasty burning plastic odor as they failed. We are pleased to have replaced the  florescent T8 lamps with LED T8 tubes lights.

USA LED also provided an effective solution to illuminate the inside of our walk in freezer. The original design forced us to leave the freezer door open to allow sufficient light due to the poor fixture design inside the freezer. USA LED’s 9W A19 bulb now allows us to close the door and keep the freezer cold without wasting energy. We are pleased to enjoy $1,000 per year in savings while illuminating our restaurant with higher performance LED lights”

Pat Flick,  Restaurant Owner

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