Project Name: Sandvik High Bay


Industrial High Bay Induction Lights
70,000 square foot building
12 – 26 foot ceiling heights

Products Installed:
235 pieces of LV-HB-0361-1-200W
200W induction lamp replaced 400W MH

A. Reduced Energy Consumption by 546,332 kw-hrs/year
B. Annual Savings of $98,373 per year
C. Investment Payback of less than 11 months, including a 50% rebate from CL&P
D. Total Savings over the 100,000 project life is $1,126,070

The high bay induction lights installed by USA LED Solutions area  huge benefit to our operations at Sandvik. Our operators appreciate the improvement in light quality due to the lower glare and higher light levels compared to our previous metal halide fixtures. Our electricians measured a 58% reduction in energy usage saving more than $8,000 per month, with an investment payback just under 1 year.

Sandvik Engineer, Bethel, CT

Light Level:
Light level measurements were taken in 10 locations before and after the lighting change. Actual measurements taken are show below in FC(foot-candles). Light levels increased an average of 38%. The lighting power density after the induction lamp installation is 0.67 LDP (watts per sq. foot).

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